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My Name is Percy Ccoyo

I come from an Andean community called Viacha from the heights of Pisac, Sacred Valley of the Incas. I come from a family of peasant farmers and healers where life is connected to nature with a ceremony dedicated to the Apus and Pachamama.

My original language is Quechua. I started studying at a school and high school in the town of Pisac when I finished high school. I studied official as a tourism guide in the archaeological capital of Cusco.

Finishing my studies, I earned a professional title in the name of the Ministry of Education of Peru and a Guide Card in the name of DIRECTOR CUSCO. Now I work as an official tourist guide with national and international clients.

Thanks to the support of my brother Rolando Ccoyo who is also an official tour guide, making a solid team in our service offering a unique experience.

Sharing the Andean wisdom, healing physically emotionally and spiritually. With 10 years experience, working in the sacred places of the Inca culture. We create retreats with Andean shaman teachers, Qeros, who are teachers who guide ceremonies.
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10 years' experience

With 10 years of experience working in the sacred places of the Inca culture, archaeological centers in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco - Peru.

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