Immerse yourself in a mystical experience in the fascinating ancient cultures of the Andes and in your connection with this magical land.

Medicine Ceremonies







Pick up from the airport to the hotel in Pisac. In the afternoon, we visit the Andean artisan market in the same town of Pisac.
In the morning after breakfast, we go to one of the sacred lagoons (Mama Qocha) with a ceremony of balance of energy, and spiritual body cleansing with condor feathers and incense. Music healing and preparation to receive the San Pedro (Wachuma) medicine.
In the morning, we go to a quiet and comfortable place in nature to perform our ceremony of San Pedro (Wachuma) to balance, body, mind and spirit (Soul). Connection with oneself and cleansing of the lineages of the seven chakras.
Rest in the morning. In the afternoon, we go to the sacred place of Intihuatana. Temple of the Sun and Inca altars to expand neutral essence.
The sweat lodge, temazcal or Inipi is a powerful therapy for bonding with the Earth and feeds us the awakening of our ancestral memory, in addition to work for our spirit.
Mother Ayahuasca works from the inside, transforming the negative energies into positive ones. It cleans and balances the body, mind and spirit from the conscience and heart.

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