Immerse yourself in a mystical experience in the fascinating ancient cultures of the Andes and in your connection with this magical land.

Altars and Sacred Temples







Pick up from the airport to the hotel / Pisac. In the afternoon, a brief Hatun Karpay ceremony consisting of opening the way to the connection with the Apus and Pachamama with Andean masters (HANPIQ).
We go to the temple of the sun, the sacred and ceremonial place, INTIHUATANA altar of the Incas, with a ceremony with COCA KÌNTU and offering to the Apus mountains We return to the village of Pisac for lunch and visit the Andean artisan market.
In the morning, we go to an indigenous community where we will have 4 MAMA QOCHA lagoons of great pure feminine energy, where we will do a spiritual cleansing ceremony with feathers of the condor, essences and incense with Ikaros music. We have lunch outdoors in the mountains, in the afternoon and then return to the hotel in Pisac.
In the morning, we go to Moray where we will expand our essence from our center, a connection with itself, and connection with the mother earth PACHA MAMA. Lunch in Urubamba and then to Ollantaytambo to liturgical sacred place of Tunupa. In the afternoon, we go to the town of Aguas Calientes and go to our hotel.
We visit the sanctuary of Machu Picchu with brief meditation with KINTU, connection with yourself and our inner sun with views of the sacred energetic temples.
Healing music consists of opening our mind and clearing up our ideas. Heal our inner being and emotions and a ceremony with quartz.
In the morning, we travel to the temple of the ancestors and connect with the multidimensional life. As well as, connection with the cosmos of the universe, altar of great energy.
In the morning, we go to the archaeological center of Saqsayhuaman with last ceremony, where we will close the ceremonial road. We will go through the entrance of a Chinkana tunnel and we will leave all the negative energy, and we leave rebirthed with new energy.

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